Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Adventures of Sarah and Jeff -- America's Next Top Guilty Pleasure -- Job News?

Jeff met me outside my apartment at 5:45 today and joined me for the maiden voyage of the Jamis. I thought I might have to go slow around the block a few times to get used to the bike, seeing that I have never ridden a road bike before, but I hopped on and felt comfortable right away. So we headed down Diversey to the Lake Path. I always forget how beautiful the lake is until I see it. Then I forget again, and then I see it again and remember. Ha! Today was the perfect night to ride! The weather was beautiful! Once we got to the lake, it became hella windy, which was to be expected, but the wind was pretty intense coming from the south. I struggled a little, and by the time we got to Navy Pier, I started hurting. So we decided to start going north and once we got to Diversey again decide whether or not we wanted to go home or keep going north. With the wind at our backs, I could have ridden all night. Cruising down the Lake Path was a ton of fun. It wasn’t too busy to get in the biggest gear and go. We made it to the end of the path and Jeff notified me that we had to cruise home because he had to be back in a half hour. Cruising north, I kinda forgot that we would have to go back south again, and this time in a time crunch. It wasn’t too tough and we got home in time. All in all, according to the gmap Pedometer, we went 20.78 miles. To you cyclists this is nothing, but I have never put in that many miles before. I feel confident that I can only improve (seeing that this was only my second ride ever, and my first without a flat) and I’m pretty excited about that. I just love the way it feels to move my body. And I love to be able to use my body to go fast, whether it be on a bike, roller skates, whatever. But there’s something about riding a bike that I really love, and now I have the means and resources to be able to do it right (because let’s face it, cycling is a rich kid sport) which I am excited about. So thanks to Jeff for putting up with me, being a patient riding partner, and joining me on my first ride with the Jamis.

Another tid bit:

Somewhere around Diversey and Lincoln it smelled like sweet tarts. Ummmmm.

PS. I just went for a bike ride and didn't say anything bad about the city. In fact, I said 2 good things.


I have a confession to make: I love America’s Next Top Model. This season is not as exciting as the previous seasons, but I watch it nevertheless. I don’t know what I like about it. I usually cannot stand cattiness, insecurities, and girls that make me feel short and fat, but there’s something about this show that I can’t put my finger on. I think it may have to do with exactly what I just said I can’t stand. In short, these girls kind of make me feel good about myself. I have never been able to identify with any of the girls on the show, and that separation makes me feel good about myself. Sure I may be short (5’1/4” to be exact) and chunky (I’m not getting exact here), but I am healthy, smart, and have my head in the right place. And at least I know my boyfriend doesn’t love me because I look like a model! Ok, enough self-deprecation hidden behind confidence. The fact is I love the show for whatever reason. There is always the bitchy overconfident egotistical girl (this season that’s Jade) and the girl who is incredibly insecure (that would be Gina). So of course Jade plays off Gina’s insecurities and quite frankly her naïveté and brainlessness. For real Paris Hilton is a genius compared to this girl. The seasons always go like this: the first third of the season the bitchy girl pisses everyone off and makes the insecure girl’s life hell. This finally eats away at the insecure girl and she gets kicked off. Then in the second third of the show the bitchy girl gets called out by Tyra, her insecurities are revealed, she takes a 180, and everyone is BFF. In the third third of the show the girls start to realize that this really is a competition and catty friendship, which women are really so very good at, gets played out. Last night Gina got kicked off, so we are officially entering the second third of the show. I can’t wait until Tyra calls out Jade!


I may have some good news on the job front. I’ll let you know more when I do.


super rookie said...

I am happy the Jamis worked well for you.

I heard you pedaling all the way up in Niles. Perhaps a 'real' mechanic needs to take a look at it!

Jeff of MargaretAndJeff said...

It was a good time and the riding will only get better as the Summer hits full blast. Get some real pedals/shoes and you'll fly.

I thought your Boy™ was a real mechanic. Stop slacking, Timmy. "God bless us everyone!"

Word Verification: icfzya

Margaret of MargaretAndJeff said...

Yeah, Sarah, if you are looking for a real mechanic I can help you out. I'll have some free time this weekend.