Saturday, March 25, 2006

Goodmorning Damn Cat --- Chicago, Revisited

Wow! 8:00 on a Saturday morning and I'm up and Adam. We'll, maybe not Adam (even though that’s what my parents would have named me if I was a boy). I'm slugging around quite a bit. I woke up at 7 with Tim who got up to join the xXx team ride. While I totally had no intention of getting out of bed until later, Roscoe made sure I did. No, it wasn't his usual licking my ears until I either hid underneath the blankets or got up. Instead, he decided to knock Tim’s bowl of Marshmallow Mateys off of the counter and onto the rug. After getting out of bed to help, we decided to throw the rug away. It was cheap anyway, and I really didn’t feel like trying to get the milk out. I put Roscoe into the bedroom so I can clean up the mess without him playing in it.

After the mess was cleaned up, I asked myself, should I just stay up or go back to bed? I thought about what I would do once I got up, and decided there was nothing I could do that appealed to me more than going back to bed. So I crawled back in, got all cozy, and WHAM! I get a flying cat to the face! Apparently he was pissed off about being locked in the bedroom and forbidden to eat Tim’s cereal. Now I got a naughty cat, a scratch on my face, and a bitten up ear! Needless to say, Roscoe is now in time-out (locked in the bathroom) until he can settle down and behave.


So maybe I was being a little over dramatic about my hatred of Chicago. Don’t you ever get in overemotional melodramatic moods? Well I do, and that was one of them. I think I just got sad about not being able to go home for Easter. Easter is my favorite holiday with my family. My grandparents live on a farm in Central Minnesota and every year they have an outdoor Easter egg hunt. My grandparents hide eggs with names on them for every member of the family, from kids to great-grandkids, regardless of age. And the eggs are hidden based on your age, so the little kids’ eggs are easier to find than the big kids’ eggs. Every year I am one of the last to find mine! But the Easter Bunny always leaves me a generous Easter basket! Tim gets one too. But with me working at a non-profit doing clerical work, and Tim at a bike shop, the money isn’t really rolling in, and it gets hard to afford to go home. That is not to say that fun is not in store for me on Easter weekend! Tim and I are heading to Omaha with Jeff and Margaret! I’ve never been in that neck of the woods before, so I’m pretty excited. It will be a fun adventure!

Allow me to better explain myself about my feelings toward Chicago. Hate was a strong word. I just don’t think Chicago is for me, but there are things that I like about the city:

The architecture is great
The lake is beautiful (although Lake Shore Drive should not exist)
The museums are awesome
I am in total love with the Harold Washington Library, especially the Winter Garden (pictured below)

The history is rich
There are a lot more opportunities to practice my Spanish
There are a lot of great Mexican restaurants!
You can ride your bike in the winter free of snow (this year anyway)
And I’m sure I can think of others

I don’t necessarily think that there is more to do in Chicago. Of course some things are unique, but I think there are the same kinds of things to do as anywhere else, just different variations and more of it.

But for me it doesn’t feel like home. I know that it might eventually if I decide to stay, but the pollution, excess of poverty (and how it’s ignored), over-crowdedness, abundance of cars, clothes tax, smoking in bars, and wind (I know, what do I expect from the “Windy City!) override what I do like about Chicago. And if you live in Chicago and you disagree with me, then challenge me by taking me out and showing me what you love about Chicago. I am open to changing my mind!


Well, now that I’m up, I don’t know what to do. Don’t get me wrong, I have a million things to do today, but I don’t really want to do anything. I know I have to close my bank account (I am not a fan of Washington Mutual), cancel our YMCA membership (we don’t go enough to pay for it), clean the bedroom, and finish painting my new shoe rack, but I kinda woke up on the wrong side of bed. Or on the right side, but not under the most refreshing circumstances.

I think I’m going to hop on the trainer and get my day started right with a little exercise and pain.

And I better let Roscoe out of the bathroom.


Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

I've been in San Diego since 1986 and it has never felt like "home". I came here from Alabama and, yes, I still miss it and think of it as "home". Yeah, I could've moved back a few times already. San Diego has just managed to keep me here. The weather is grea, the riding is great and I've beeen able to stay in the bike industry. All in all, it's been just enough.

If Chicago isn't "just enough", then maybe the Mini Apple is...

super rookie said...

totally copying my style


sheesh. first the blog, now this.

Don't say i am jealous!

Anonymous said...

Average wind speed for the city of Chicago = 10.3 MPH

Average wind speed for Minneapolis/St. Paul = 10.5 MPH

Result, Twin Cities are windier than Chicago.

The name windy city has nothing to do with wind speed, it was a nickname given for the policiticans in this area given by a New York writer.

Your factoid of the day.

yobdlog said...

Chicago Rules - period.

THere are other nicer places to live perhaps but Chicago is the bomb.

I am diehard Chicago - pfftawww.

There's more to Chicago than just pretty architecture and LSD - though the drive is one of the best things the city has (try getting to the north side and southside without stopping at lights in less than 15 minutes.

The lakefront bike path blows just cuz we're not lollygagging at 6 mph with parents and crazy children and dogs traversing the path.

Little missy - we'll set ya straight.