Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Happy (Half) Birthday to Me --- Bikes? Or No Bikes?

Today is my half birthday. I know that means nothing now, and really for me it has never meant anything, but I always remember those summer birthday kids in grade school and how we always celebrated their half birthdays in class. I always thought this was kind of a rip off because my birthday is in September, right when school starts, so everybody is busy starting school and meeting new people. As a result, my birthday got overlooked. The summer birthday kids, however, got to celebrate their birthday twice that year. Once on their half birthday, which isn't even their real birthday, and then again on their real birthday which had to be fun since it was in the summer and they could stay up late and play outside. Obviously this still strikes a nerve since I am long out of grade school and still remembering my half birthday. So, just for the record, my birthday is September 22nd. You have 6 months to start planning.

Although not all of my birthdays have sucked. 2 1/2 years ago I started dating my partner Tim, aka Super Rookie, on my birthday.

This is a picture of Tim and me in front of his parent's Christmas tree this past Christmas. Sweet huh? Christmas is three months and three days after my birthday.

Speaking of birthdays, this past birthday Tim brought home my kitten Roscoe.

Roscoe likes to lick my earlobes, eat rubber bands, play in the shower, chase centipedes, and (obviously) lay in my gym bag.


There are questions and mixed feelings about whether or not I will talk about bikes on this blog. While my life does not revolve around bikes, and I do not consider myself a cyclist, bikes will still be discussed to some degree. I do like to ride bikes. I love my little Gilmour pursuit bike (with a coaster break!) and I just got a brand spankin' new Jamis Ventura Comp road bike that still has yet to get off the trainer and on to it's maiden voyage. And while I do not race myself, I do like to watch my friends at the velodrome and go to road races. I also love the drama that is professional bike racing, the classics, the tour de france, etc.

I am sad to report that Mr. Jan Ullrich and I have decided to be "just friends." While I still respect him and his scary racing face, I have decided to move on. On that note, I am happy to announce that I am now in love with Tom Boonen. It was really a long time coming, and my feelings for him from last year were only reignited with his appearances in crazy ad campaigns.

So yes, I will be talking about bikes. You may read about my hate-hate relationship with cars, the occasional bike race, my commentary on the tour, giro, vuelta, etc., or any other thing pertaining to me and my relationship with bicycles. But since bikes are not the main focus of my life they will not be the main focus of this blog. If you want to read bike blogs, there are plenty out there, including those on my links list (if you want your blog/web site on this list, let me know). But if you want to know what's happening on my side of things, what's going through my head, and what I'm up to, then stick with me, you'll get plenty of it.


super rookie said...

happy belated half birthday.

tom boonen is kind of cute.

Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Roscoe is pretty cool. Probably cooler than Wookie, but since Wookie did provide Roscoe, he gets a few points for that.

Skibby said...

Hey your half birthday is my full birthday! Happy Half-Birthday.

btw, how come Super-Wookie thinks Tom Boonen is cute nekked but not me! ;)