Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Nice to Meet Me

Hi. My name is Sarah. You may remember me from such blogs as… this one. HA!

For serious though, I've decided to quit living vicariously though the comments sections of other people's blogs and decided to start my own. Here is it, hotpinkevil.

People around me have mentioned the pressure of creating your first post. A first post is a first impression of what is to come. If this post sucks, you probably wont be back to read the next one. But at the same time, how can one post summarize every one to come? Well this is an unofficial list, subject to change, of things my blog will contain:

Links to other blogs and websites
anything else a blog is good for

Basically things that every other blog contains, but pertaining to me.

I guess I just find myself wanting to talk about some things and not necessarily having an outlet to do so, so I am creating one. We'll see how it goes. And until then, welcome!


Margaret of MargaretAndJeff said...

Yah!! A blog that isn't full of "my bike...."

super rookie said...

how is margaret going to be the first commenter?

i got you onto this whole blog thing!


Jeff of MargaretAndJeff said...

Our first entry was about toothpaste. How's that for interesting and indicative of what's to come?

Word Verification: deefuj

Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! No bike talk? Why am I adding your site to my favorites? OH... because I need at least one that isn't about bikes. Cool!

Welcome. You're doing great already. Rookie needs to make sure he posts witty and insightful comments on your site all the time. Just let me know if he doesn't- I'll revoke the sponsorship.

gopher25j said...

You need a link to the Dewey fansite.

I am assuming there is one.

Skibby said...

sweet, your blog is better than SuperDookie's already... no NASCAR photos, no wookie photos...