Saturday, April 22, 2006

I made the statement that I will most likely become a crazy cat lady. I was wrong.

Tim and I watched "The Standard of Perfection: Cat Shows" a documentary on public television about The Cat Fancier’s Association International Cat Shows. (There is also one about Cattle Shows.) They are kind of like dog shows, but for cats. I love cats, but these people are crazy. One woman bred Egyptians so that they were even pointier than normal, and funny enough they ended up looking exactly like her.

This is the cat, but not the woman

One couple fed their cats ground beef. Another named their cats after famous people. One made her cat wear diapers.

Nicole Kidman

The thing that really got to us though was how they keep their cats in cages. They didn't let their cats curl up and cuddle with them, lick their earlobes, eat centipedes, and do cat- like things. When they were out of their cages, they were being conditioned to be docile and handled with ease. Even the Maine Coons let the handlers pick them up and carry them spread eagle over their heads. If you don’t know anything about Maine Coons, they are like small bushy tailed mountain lions. My mom had one for two days and walked around the house with a rolled up news paper because she was scared of it. They’re huge.

Maine Coon

The best part of the show was when the cats were in competition and one cat went crazy. It wriggled away from the handler and into the audience. The announcer told the audience not to try and catch the cat, let the owners do it, but this one bozo tried to catch it and must have got bit to all hell. All I thought was, "Good for that cat."

So I take it back. I will never be a crazy cat lady. I love cats too much to treat them like that. I'm sure not all show cats are treated cruelly (insert opinion here) but I want my cats to be companions, not prizes. All 86 of them.

Screw Cat Shows, my cat plays cards. PS. Roscoe won.


Gilby said...

OMG, is that SEQUENCE?!

hayes.tim said...

our cat rocks.

game over.