Monday, April 10, 2006

If You're Still Waiting to See Paris-Roubaix, Don't Read This

Last night Tim and I rode over to Brian and Melissa’s house to watch Paris-Roubaix. As always, a great race to watch. But this year was especially great for three reasons:

1) Hincapie’s bars. We’ve all seen some really scary cycling moments, bad crashes and whatever, but I think this was one of the scariest yet. Most of the time when you crash one minute you’re on your bike and the next you’re on the ground. There’s not that much time in between. But all I could think of when I saw Hincapie’s crash is the few seconds between when he realized his handlebars were gone and when he fell. You could see the panic when he threw his hands in the air to try and balance so he could jump off his bike, but instead he bit the dirt (or cobbles) hard. Rumor has it he might need surgery on his shoulder. Ouch. Luckily Brian and Melissa have TiVo, so we could rewind it over and over to see the crash and what really happened. Like I said, ouch.

2) The train. This pissed me off. I know that trains are always a possibility, but when the railroad arms come down you gotta stop. Too bad Discovery and PVP didn’t, huh? That’s right, Leif Hoste, Peter Van Petegem and Vladimir Gusev ignored the arms and went though, only to be disqualified after the race! That means that my boyfriend, Tom Boonen, came in second to Cancellara despite strategies to isolate him. That’s my man!

3) Food. I was just expecting to meet some cool people and watch a good race, but Brian and Melissa made a great BBQ dinner of brats, beans, and the works. Very tasty.

A great race and great hospitality. I couldn’t ask for anything more. This is going to be an awesome season, especially without Lance updates every 5 seconds. And it’s obvious that the racers have gotten stronger and bigger. Example 1: Boonen. Maybe it is the EPO, maybe it’s all the hard work, and maybe it’s both. I don’t really care. I just want to see more.

Ps. I cut off all my hair!


super rookie said...

where did all the hair go?

did you cut it in support of boonen for his big loss?

Skidsy said...

I hope you're not the jealous type. Apparantly, Boonen (or T-Boo, as I call him), is everyone's new boyfriend. Especially the commissaires and organizers of Paris-Roubaix. He went through the barriers too,but no penalty for him because he's handsome.