Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Long Time No Blog

Did you miss me? Well, I’ve been busy.

Council Bluffs/Omaha

Thursday night Tim and I jumped into a rented mini-van with Jeff and Margaret and headed to Council Bluffs. We got to Margaret’s mom’s and her husband’s (Clark) house at about 4am. I’ll save you the play by play of the weekend and list the highlights:

*Best burger ever at Burger Lust
*Afternoon drinks with Margaret and her friends
*After not being able to go into one Italian restaurant (no hats, not tank tops, no short, all of which we were wearing) we went and got horrible service at another.
*Met Jeff’s friend Robert
*Tasty breakfast and terrible service at The Diner
*Steak dinner at home with Clark
*Hanging out with Clark in his bike room
*Ice cream at the casino
*Bike ride with Tim, Jeff, and Clark


I started my Spanish class again. I take Spanish at this super cool storefront community language center a block from my apartment. They teach Spanish, English for Spanish speakers, French, and Spanish for kids. If you’re interested check them out


A friend from my Spanish class co-captains a kickball team, so now I’m on the Small Bar team of the Wicker Park Kickball League. How hipster is that? Ha! We had our first practice last night and it was a blast! Our first game is Sunday April 30th at Humboldt Park. Come and cheer us on!

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super rookie said...


i think i will choose the impersonal internet to tell you that i can't make it to your first game.

i will be in indiana.