Friday, April 07, 2006

Worky Worky

I am at work, but I am obviously not working. Why? Because my job sucks? Well yes, but no. I seriously cannot focus. I have a cold that started yesterday and is getting worse by the minute. My forehead feels like I have been wearing an itchy stocking cap too long.

Last night Tim and I watched North Country. It’s a good movie. I always love seeing Minnesota on the tv. It was funny seeing things in the movie that weren’t actually there in 1987. Tim could tell you more about that. A few winters back Tim and I were in Hibbing for a hockey tournament (Tim coached a boy’s hockey team) and we ate at the Village Inn where Theron takes her kids for a nice dinner. That was fun. I think I had French toast. You don’t see too many labor rights/women’s rights/union movies that are based in the more present times. This one was based in 1989. It’s a true story. I was seven. But there are a lot of good contemporary set movies based on Hispanic immigrant populations, like A Day without a Mexican, and Bread and Roses.

I am not making any sense. I just keep babbling. I’m going to find something else to do that makes me look busy.


Jeff of MargaretAndJeff said...

My allergies just kicked in hardcore; maybe your cold is allergies.

Word Verification: lvrpp

hands said...

I thought Bread and Roses was a love story.