Monday, May 22, 2006

Again, Ice Cube comes to mind when thinking of this weekend

I had a pretty darn tootin' good weekend. I had a rough day on Friday at work, and decided not to go out with my co-workers after. My co-workers are pretty cool people, but after the day I had I really didn't feel like hanging out with work people co-curricularily (MS Word is telling me "suckas" is not a word). Like a nerd, I spent the night uploading my cds into my ipod (get with the now MS Word, cds and ipod are both words!).

Saturday I ended up hanging out with The Courteous Fellow's family and friends at the Monsters of the Midway bike race on the Midway Plaisance at Hyde Park. For you who don't know, this was where all of the naughtiness of the World's Fair happened. Tim ended up racing in both the category 3 and category 4 races. It was nice to see him race and to see how much he has improved. I haven't seen him race since September because he keeps feeling the need to leave me on the weekends and race somewhere else.

I also found out that he doesn't list me as his emergency contact. His reasoning is that "it would be the worst call you'd receive from someone you don't know" and that one of our friends/fellow racers would call me first thing. I haven't decided if I buy that excuse or not. He also said that he puts down fake people as his emergency contact. Whatever.

After the race, the crew of us headed to a restaurant for some grubbin' pasta. My stomach wasn't too happy about that and I felt yucky for the rest of the night. On top of that I got a monster migraine and hit the sack earlier than normal on a Saturday.

Sunday the Big Red Ballers held their ground and we remain undefeated. We played a super ass-hole team, again, which makes me wonder if my team is the only nice team that just likes to have a good time and be supportive of one another. I think so. Fun heckling is one thing, but mean whiskey drunk heckling is a total other thing.

1)There is a rule that states that 2 girls have to be in the outfield at all times. The other teams play one girl somewhere in the outfield and one as catcher. I.e. they only play two women/inning. Also because of this rule, those teams have only about 3 girls on their team. These token girls are usually the girl friends of the other players. It makes me sad to see such un-supportivness of women on teams. The Ballers are about 50% women and we still kick their butts.

2) The pitcher threw the ball into my stomach when I was on first. I had my itty bitty lead off of about 1 inch and was talking to my first base coach when "WHAM!" right to the stomach. Remember how I mentioned the tummy trouble of the previous night? Yeah, not cool. So I was out. It was a fair play, just dickish. I kept my breakfast in, but it was close. We won 9 to 8 in a tenth inning. We had to beat those jerks, there was no way around it. Undefeated bitches!

I don't have any pictures of my kickball game. I'm sure I don't even have to tell why. Did I mention I spent all Saturday at a bike race?

Five more days until Florida! How pumped am I? Tim and I are going to Florida this weekend? I'm going to meet his dad and stepmom. I'm pretty excited. I feel like this is a big step in our relationship, but then again I could just be being "girly." After 3 years, I think it's time. We're leaving Friday morning and getting back Tuesday night, so Roscoe will be holding down the fort, which is funny because him and I did make a fort once. Then we destroyed it. That was fun.


Gilby said...

I don't put down my significant other as my emergency contact, either. I've put his name down countless times, but then I realize that I've never memorized his phone number: the cell phone has made me lazy. So I always have to cross it off and put down my mom.

super rookie said...

thanks for coming to the race on saturday.

i am sure that someone would of gotten hurt if i saw him throw the ball at you.

i would of had to prove how much of a man i am.

only a few more days to take in the storms of the tampa area.

oh, the third picture is the best ever.