Thursday, May 11, 2006

Bad Medicine

Self righteous doctors drive me frickin’ nuts. Ok, you’re a doctor, that’s your job, I have a job too, get over it.

I’ve had enough personal experiences with my own doctors to write a book about, one in particular doctor at Boynton on the University of Minnesota campus said something completely unnecessary to me that made me break down and just start bawling. I thought doctors were supposed to make you feel better.

Working in the administrative office of a clinic has made me really jaded about some doctors.

1) They seem to never ask for help when using the copy machine. Our copy machine has this one little trick, and if you don’t know it, your copies will be all messed up. To new volunteers and staff, I am always more than happy to show them how to use the copy machine. But doctors never seem to ask for help. They think that because they went to school for a gazillion years that they should know how to use a copy machine. Usually I am nice and ask if they need any help, but I am also known to get cranky at times (just ask Tim) and I can turn into a total bitch fest.

One day I was particularly fed up with my job and this doctor couldn’t figure out the copy machine. In the end, he decided to take the f’ed up copies rather than ask me how to use it.

Another day a doctor couldn’t figure it out (it’s a running theme). I asked her if she needed help and she snapped at me, “I went to college you know, I know how to use a copy machine.” Like I didn’t go to school. I’m sure I would blow her away with my academic honors and just because I’m doing shitty admin work before I go back to school for my doctorate I’m an idiot. I just gave her my famous evil eye and let her throw away f’ed up copy after f’d up copy. After about 7 minutes of this, she asked me how to use the machine. From the next office the Director of the clinic yelled, “I thought you went to college!” I laughed out loud.

2) Just now I could have punched a doctor. Apparently he is known around the clinic as being a big dick. We have this really crappy Pepsi machine in our kitchen (we’re a free clinic, don’t expect anything fancy) and sometimes it eats money. You take your chances. This doctor comes up to me and says, “The pop machine stole fifty cents from me and I want it back! Who’s going to give me my fifty cents?” Like he expected me to cower and reach into my purse and give him fifty cents (btw, I don’t even have fifty cents, I have a total of $3 in my checking account, and no cash or change what so ever). I said, “Yeah, the machine does that sometimes, you take your chances.” He got mad at me and said, “Then get that thing towed out of here! I’m going to be back and when I do I want you to have come up with my fifty cents.” I kind of thought he was joking, but he came back 15 minutes later and asked where his money was! I just said, “Sorry, couldn’t come up with anything.” Instead I wanted to say, “Look, you’re a f@#%ing doctor who makes at least $100 more than I do an hour. You can stand to loose fifty cents.” He just stomped off and I called the Pepsi company. The icing on this cake was when the clinic coordinator emailed me to ask about the machine not working. He was complaining to the clinic coordinator! Like she doesn’t have a ton of stuff to do during a clinic session! Argh.

I know not all doctors suck. My doctors back home are awesome, and the clinic I work for has some really awesome doctors. They all volunteer their time and if it wasn’t for them, our clinic wouldn’t be open (the largest free clinic in Illinois!). So I’m picking on a few. I know that every profession is going to have assholes, I just get sick of know-it-all doctors who think they are better than me.


Jeff of MargaretAndJeff said...

Yeah, education means nothing. People who brag about or refer to their education in day-to-day conversation annoy me. Right on, Sarah.

A-K said...

doctors suck, mostly. nurses are really where it's at.

also, what is the a.k. you were referring to in your last post? muahaha.