Thursday, May 18, 2006

Carrie Bear

This is a picture I stumbled across on the internet of my sister and me hanging out while while my family was visiting me in October. Can you tell by the sweatshirts and blankets that we were freezing?

This picture may not be the cutest kitten in the whole world (even though Roscoe is still the overall best), but I think it's nice. I miss her a lot, and when I saw this I got a fuzzy feeling.

Don't mess with her. If I don't kill you first, she will. She's training to be a cop.


jojo said...


I approached you at the Monsters of the Midways crit this weekend and started an awkward conversation about roller derby.

Sorry for that weirdness, but after getting your attention, it felt stalkerish to say, "I read your blog." In trying to avoid seeming weird & stalkeresque, I ended up seeming more so. Sorry, again.

So anyway, I like your blog, and hope you are digging Chicago more than before.

Carrie P. said...

Hey! You stole this picture off my Myspace. lol. This picture really does show how much we look alike. I want you to come home SOON! and the last sentence of this blog was great.