Monday, May 15, 2006

Drunken Feminist Theory, The Power of Grey's, Ice Cube Anyone?

Saturday night was spent with some friends at Buca and later at Small Bar. I met some really cool women and had a good time. I also got really drunk, which hasn't happened in awhile. One thing I noticed about being drunk is that whatever I want to say makes sense in my head, but doesn't come out of my mouth right.

For example, I was trying to defend Catherine MacKinnon and the Minneapolis Sex Ordinances and discuss why she fought for what she did. I was trying to say that as a lawyer, MacKinnon spent a lot of time in court on rape cases and her argument that heterosexual sex is rape (I didn't even go into whether or not that is an accurate reading of MacKinnon since that seemed irrelevant) was strategic. Imagine being in a courtroom where a rape trial is being presented as a he says she says case, and what she says doesn't even matter. He says the "sex" was consensual, she says it was not consensual and therefore it was rape, and yet again the judge and jury just blow it off because nothing can be proven, and yet another man gets off after committing a violent crime. Now, add into the equation MacKinnon's argument that sex is rape. He can't say that she consented to the rape because that doesn't make sense. The woman, if she had sex with him, was automatically raped. She wins her case.

That's what I was trying to say, but in my drunken state, I think I said stylistic instead of strategic and I'm sure as a whole it didn't make any sense. I think I also went into power dynamics of gender and sex and how that plays into sex and nothing really made sense once it hit my mouth, but it all did in my head.

I learned two good lessons: 1) Don't defend MacKinnon while drunk. 2) Don't ever defend a thesis while drunk. I'll remember this when I go back to school.


Did anyone watch Grey's Anatomy? OMG! I love that show. What's the deal-io with a three hour season finale? Anyway, the first hour was last night at its regular time, but the last two hours are tonight at the same time as my Spanish class! What is a girl to do? I'll tell you what, ask her teacher to reschedule class. So I get to watch Grey's Anatomy tonight and my whole class was rescheduled to Wednesday. How awsome is that? I just hope that Bush's speach doesn't mean less Grey's.


I'm surprised no one commented a few posts back on my Ice Cube reference to the song It was a Good Day. After looking it up online, I was a little off on the lyric. This is the real lyric: I didn't even have to use my A.K. I got to say it was a good day. This is one of my favorite quotes. I tend to use it regularly, so get with it.

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sparky said...

Yeah, defending MacKinnon when one is sober is hard enough: most people don't know how to talk about sexual assault, and those who do learned all that they know about sex work from Spread Magazine.

Sarah, I feel your pain.