Friday, June 23, 2006

All of my fantasy boyfriends are taken!

I have long accepted the fact that David Bowie and Iman have been happily married for one gazillion years.

However, it has been more difficult for me to see Tom Boonen’s girlfriend, Lore, at every finish line. But they are not married, so I still have a chance. Maybe he’ll end up like Lance and be a cheater. Except Tom is awesome and Lance is not, so I doubt it.
But today was the final blow. My third fantasy boyfriend, Jan Ullrich, has gotten engaged. Jan tells BILD magazine: "She is the best woman in the world. I am head over heels in love. I want to bring the rest of my life with her." Damn-it!!! And her name is Sara (spelled wrong, of course) which is just an added jab to my heart.
I guess I wish them the best. I love my Super-Rookie, so I can’t really complain.


A-K said...

yes. you are lucksy yet!

and who knows what will happen in the future of dreamboys.

though, it is still awful sad about david bowie. :-(

super rookie said...

Jan is looking kind of tubby.

yobdlog said...

Interesting - I think Sara without the h is the most appropriate thing I've ever seen.

And I can tattoo it on my knuckles without going to my thumb knuckle.