Monday, June 19, 2006

Minneapolis sees a very busy bunny

I’ve been in Minneapolis since Thursday which is why there has been a lack of Sarah.

Tim and I decided we would try to take the to Minneapolis and give it a try. For those of you who have not yet heard of Megabus, it is a new low-cost express bus service out of Chicago. It goes straight from Chicago to Minneapolis and only takes one break before stopping at the University of Minnesota and Downtown Minneapolis.

Their gimmick is that fares start as low as $1 for those who book their seats early enough and prices go up the longer you wait. Together, Tim and I paid $40 round trip.

I wasn’t so sure about Megabus, thinking I would be stuck on a disgusting bus full of creepy men, but I was really impressed! We took the overnight bus out of Chicago at 11:00 pm and got in around 7:00. The bus was pretty empty. There were some women in their 30s, a few kids, college students, and us. Tim was really the only creepy man on there. The way back wasn’t much different. The interior is pretty nice. There are tvs on the bus and we watched a movie on the way to Mpls. All in all I was pretty impressed. My only complaint is they are not very punctual. The bus out of Chicago was only about 15 minutes late, but we waited an hour in Minneapolis for the bus this morning. And the bus driver didn’t even try to make up a good excuse.

So if you are looking for a cheap way to travel to or from Chicago, and have a full day to do so (i.e. have time to wait around for a bus), then I highly recommend Megabus.

From Downtown, I took the city bus to my mom’s house. I haven’t been home since February, so I was more than excited to be in the city I love with my family. My mom even surprised me and was waiting at the bus stop for me! That night, my brother, sister and my sister’s boyfriend went to the Blaine Sports Center Velodrome to see the racing. I haven’t been to a velodrome since last August so I was pretty excited about that too. I even won a free burrito from Chipotle for picking a winning rider!

Friday Tim and I went apartment hunting and found our new home. It’s a beautiful apartment off of Central and Broadway in North East Minneapolis. We are very excited to be moving in August! It is a 1 bedroom + large office. It has a large dining room, kitchen, 2 decks, hard wood floors, a garden plot, and as you can see is really a beautiful place to call home.

Saturday was the reason we went home: my sister Carrie’s graduation party. My mom worked so hard to make everything perfect, and she did a great job. Carrie and everyone else had a great time. She even made enough money to go out and buy a new laptop today. I haven’t seen my extended family since Christmas and it was so great to see them. Even my Uncle (dad’s brother), aunt and cousin were able to make it down from Fargo. If you are craving Subway sandwiches go to my mom’s. I think she has about 10 feet left.

Sunday I decided to take it easy. I went to IKEA with Tim’s mom and celebrated my brother’s birthday with him.

If I didn’t get a chance to see you while I was home, I apologize, but as you can see I was a very busy bunny. And I will be back for good in August so don’t fret, you will see more than enough of me soon.

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jana said...

hi sarah.

just wanted to let you know that
#1 i read your blog sometimes, and;
#2 mikey and i totally wanted to live in that apartment. we were busy trying to figure out if we could afford to pay rent two places in august. i guess we'll just have to visit sometime:)