Wednesday, June 21, 2006

What Kind of Bank Doesn't Have a Coin Machine? Nature Valley Grand Prix

You know you're broke when you have to cash in your change jar. That's what I did last night. But what should have been a 15 minute chore ended up taking 1 ½ hours. Why? Because Washington Mutual does not have a change machine. What kind of a bank does not have a change machine? I have disliked Washington Mutual from the beginning, but this really took the cake. I rode my bike home from work, grabbed the change jar, rode to the bank, then had to ride to Cub to use the CoinStar, paid 8.25 cents per dollar, rode back to the bank, and then home again. Did I mention it was raining? If nothing else, I got in a decent ride and had some bonding time with the Gilmour.


On Friday Tim and I went to Downtown Minneapolis to watch the Nature Valley Grand Prix. All during the day while we apartment hunted, the weather was beautiful and sunny. Once we hit downtown the thunderbooms started rolling and the rain came down. Tim and I ran for the skyways.

Our pre-race entertainment consisted of watching a man-hole cover being pushed up by the rain. At one point the sewer water made the cover hover about 4 feet above the ground. It was pretty rad.

The rain ended, the women raced, Tim and I found friends we haven't seen in a while, and then we headed to the start-finish line to watch the men begin. The rain started as the men rolled out, and the race only lasted about 20 minutes before the racers called it quits. I'm surprised it lasted that long without crashes with how poor the visibility was through the rain.

Tim and I were those idiots you see on the news who get hit by lightening. Headline: Dumbasses get hit by lightening while watching a bike race. The final straw for me was when the pace car came around one last time and splashed a huge puddle at me. It felt like an amusement park ride when you get hit by a giant wave of water. Since I'm only 5 feet tall, instead of hitting my legs like it did Tim, I got a wave to the face and down the shirt. I was ready to go home.

Home I did not go. Tim understandably did not want to drive home in that weather, so we met up with James Tainter and Jody in the skyway and The Taint bought us some beers and Quesadillas. I've heard a lot about The Taint and read a lot of his witty comments on, but I have never met the man himself. I must say he is a great guy and I really enjoyed meeting Jody.

Driving home we got stuck behind a cab that some kid kept jumping out of to puke. That was pretty gross. We finally made it to my Mom's house, wet, full of beer, and tired. I was just excited to get home and put on dry pjs and hang out with my family and the kitties.

Tim and I also ate a whole bag of gummy bears. They were yummy.

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