Sunday, July 09, 2006

Birthday Boy, Cranky Girl

Yesterday was Tim’s birthday. We sang happy birthday, ate birthday cake, opened presents, and went out for a good time. After relaxing at home, we met up with the Courteous Fellow and Julie for Thai food. After a great lunch, we said goodbye to them and went to Ivy on Clark for some drinks. Luke, Sexy Adam, and Jason met us there and we watched the Tour, drank, and just hung out. After the bar, Jason took Tim, Sexy Adam and me to The Weiner Circle to a hot dog. Sexy Adam dared me to eat a whole order of fries by myself (they're pretty big), which I did. I still felt that this morning. We took Sexy Adam to the blue line and that was that.

In more personal news, I wrote a letter to Jason Natural Products today complaining of the recent addition of propylene glycol in their previous propylene glycol free aloe vera deodorant. I am allergic to propylene glycol and this was the only deodorant that I have found that is sans this chemical. I’m not even going to go into the allergic reaction that is going on underneath my arms right now, but it hurts and isn’t pretty. I will say this: last time this happened, my skin turned black and died. I’m not making this up. Rotted and died. It hasn’t gotten that bad yet, but I’m not a happy girl. Let me know if you know of any other products I could use, and I’ll let you know what their response is.


Anonymous said...

So I don't really know you - I just saw the link through, but I do happen to know of an organic deodorant that is free of the thing that ails you. It's from Nature's Gate and can be found at their website, at co-ops, or here:

Good luck and keep up the interesting posts - I love the pictures (real or drawn)!

I'm choosing to remain anonymous due to the stranger-recommending-personal-products code.

Anonymous said...

Another place to check out, although I am not the first poster.

Carrie P. said...

She isnt making this up... it was really really gross! That sucks Sarah... Love ya!