Wednesday, July 26, 2006


At work, I have befriended the 73 year old Mexican janitor, Genaro. Genaro is awesome and he has a killer sense of humor. I am really going to miss him when I move. I asked him to be my pen pal, but he thinks Tim will beat him up if he writes to me.

Every once in a while Genaro will strike up personal conversations with me about this or that. His favorite is asking me why I am not married but living with a man, and in the end I always win, but he gets the last words: “He better love you or else!”

But my favorite topic of conversation is his wife. Genaro’s wife still lives in Mexico and runs their little restaurant. For her, Mexico is home and she doesn’t want to leave. He always gets teary eyed when he talks about her. One time he said, “When my wife comes to visit, we kiss everywhere, like we are young. We kiss on the street, we kiss in the store, we kiss on the bus, we kiss on the train!” How frickin’ cute is that!?

Almost as cute as what happened this morning. Genaro was on the phone with his wife (who only speaks Spanish, btw) and he hands me the phone and tells me to talk with her. I did, and when I asked her how she was, she said she was feeling “bonita” (beautiful)! Again, how frickin’ cute is that?! I can only hope I am that in love and that cute when I am 73.

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(dis)pencer said...

genaro has obviously not met tim...
he could take him.