Friday, July 07, 2006

I did it - Birthday boy.

I did it. I officially resigned from my job. I will no longer be employed in Chicago as of August 11, 2006. After much deliberation with my supervisor (who is also leaving end of next week), we decided it would be best for the organization (they’re going through hella changes) if I gave as much notice as early as possible. Also, my supervisor was going to recommend me for the volunteer coordinator position, which is what I wanted to be doing all along, and would have been a great promotion I am currently filling that position as well as my own until someone is hired for it. My supervisor couldn’t recommend me if I was leaving, so he asked me to officially resign so the executive director would quit asking him if he recommends me for the job and he could stop beating around the bush. It sucks that the job I want is opening up, but what can you do. I’ll be looking for volunteer coordinating work in Minneapolis, preferably with a sexual violence agency. We’ll see how it goes.

(If anyone knows of any sweet job openings, let me know.)

So it’s official. I’m on my way out.

It’s still closeted news at work though, which is weird to me. Only my supervisor, the executive director, and my co-worker friend know. For now it’s a good thing because if the less personable (i.e. bitchy) director finds out she’ll fun me through the ringer and have me do one thousand jobs that I 1) don’t want to do, 2) could never finish in time before I leave. Just to make a point about me quitting and piss me off. I currently feel like I’m walking around with a skeleton in my closet.

Another crappy part is that I work the Friday before I am moving. This is how it will go: I will work Friday, Tim and my brother will drive down and be in Chicago Friday night (Tim will be moving 2 weeks before I do), Saturday we pack up the truck and drive home, Sunday we unload the truck. After that weekend, I will want to die.

I’m getting more and more excited though. Tim and I had a talk with Roscoe to let him know what’s going on. He didn’t seem to care much, he just purred and cuddled. Although I swear he meowed that moving was a good idea, but the car ride will suck.

In more recent events, Tim’s birthday is tomorrow. I think the plan is to go to Bittersweet for lunch (they are known for their labor inducing desserts, supposedly, they are that amazing) and then who knows about the night. He told me all he wanted was a Dairy Queen cake, but the closest Dairy Queen is far enough that the cake would melt by the time I got it home. So instead, I made a small donation in his honor to the Live Strong Foundation. For those of you who don’t know, Tim hates Lance Armstrong that the Live Strong Foundation is his cancer fighting organization. So Tim is now in cahoots with Lance to fight cancer. I thought it was a good joke, and a good cause.

He also has another small gift that should be arriving at my work at any minute thanks to (dis)pencer.

Monday we are going to continue the celebration at Six Flags with some friends, including the Courteous Fellow/Cooperative Guy and Julie. I am pumped. Super pumped. Maybe I can get Bugs Bunny to give Super Rookie a birthday spanking. That would be awesome.

I’ll make sure to get lots of pictures, and if not, I will draw them.

ps. My "boyfriend" is still in yellow.

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