Monday, July 24, 2006

I Got Skilz

I have actually been pretty busy at work lately (nevermind that I am writing this at work).

1) I am not only currently taking over for the volunteer coordinator who is on leave, but my supervisor resigned and I have taken over some of his duties as well.

2) I am getting ready to leave. Since my supervisor is gone I have to make sure everything is easily accessible and understandable to whoever comes in after us since all of the IT/Facilities/Administration/HR stuff is in our heads.

That is why today I have been very busy creating easy "How To" manuals for some of the things around the center. This is pretty easy when we already have manuals for things, it just becomes cut and paste. Today however has really put my MS Paint skilz to the test.

Here is a picture of the buttons on the duplicator:

This is the duplicator glass:

It only get better. This is going to be the best "How to Use the Duplicator" manual ever!

Blogging has helped my career after all. Blogging at work has helped me to make better, more efficient manuals for staff. If this isn't a testament to the benefits of blogging and Painting at work, I don't know what is!

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