Saturday, July 29, 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen, Super Rookie has Left the (Apartment) Building

Tim left to move back to Minneapolis this morning. He will come back to get me in two weeks along with Brother Andrew and Sister Carrie.

Last night Tim picked me up from work in his rented SUV and we went to one of our favorite restaurants in Chicago, MacNamara’s. MacNamara’s is an Irish restaurant in Irving Park that we first went to when we moved in. The food is good (but not great), they serve Harp, the service is excellent, and we both really love the atmosphere. It has the dark wood, candle on the table as your only light, romantic feeling.

We spent the rest of the night packing and enjoying each other’s company.

I don’t know why I agreed to stay in Chicago for two weeks. The initial reason was that I am subbing for the Volunteer Coordinator at work while she is on leave until mid-August. I agreed to stay on until she came back. Also, my supervisor resigned and has been gone for two weeks. I said I would stay on to make the transition smoother for the company, and thought it would be nice for Tim and I to both get paychecks in August instead of living off one person’s pay again.

My supervisor and the executive director very much appreciated that I would stay and help. However, once my resignation became public one of the director’s decided to run me through the ringer. Apparently, she used to treat my supervisor like shit but with him gone and unable to protect me, I’m fair game.

The two most outrageous things that she has done to me in particular are 1) expect me to teach myself SPSS (I’m and English/women’s studies major who dropped out of pre-calc and nearly failed pre-algebra the second time around. I was able to figure it out and told her that she’s lucky I’m smart) and 2) send a series of unprompted rude emails to the executive director about something that didn’t even happen and something that I didn’t even do. Lies, all lies. I couldn’t believe it and I have the witnesses at work to prove it. Argh.

Yesterday, I wanted to just say “Fuck you,” walk out the door, grab Roscoe and jump in the SUV with Tim and head home to Minneapolis. But I decided not to let one unprofessional, hostile woman get me down. That’s what she wants after all. It comforts me to know that people like her are not actually happy people and do not lead fulfilling lives in their hearts (cheesy alert!). I, on the other hand, am very pleased with myself, my life, and the smart little comebacks I jab her with every chance I get.

So, Tim left this morning. He brought his clothes and two bikes.

Moving to Chicago was not just a test to see if we liked the Windy City, but to also see how much we liked each other! Tim and I made two major steps in out relationship with the move. 1) we moved to Chicago and 2) we officially moved in with each other. Before this, we had never actually lived together where more than a change of clothes and a toothbrush was at the other person’s place. (Adopting Roscoe became a third major step.) I am happy to say that we have had no problems living together in the past year. I do have to say that sharing a closet has been the hardest thing about it.

When we began unpacking our clothes, I quickly realized the ratio of Sarah’s clothes to Tim’s clothes. Tim buys bikes, Sarah buys clothes. I looked at the closet and knew this would be a problem. How did I resolve it? I pushed Tim’s clothes to the corner and claimed ¾ of the closet as my own. I figured he got a whole room to himself in the apartment for his bikes, I could have at least ¾ of the closet.

The new apartment barely has closets at all, so I’m happy we were able to resolve it.

Today when I got dressed I noticed that Tim’s side of the closet is empty. While I thought I would be excited about this, I’d rather just have him here. I found it kind of sad that the home that Tim and I had created, our first home together, is just mine for two weeks. I know it is only two weeks, but I think it’s just the combination of moving, knowing I’ll be back home soon but not soon enough, Tim is already there, and I am alone in a city that I haven’t had the best relationship with, that makes me emotional.

My friend Cole is coming down from Minnesota today to keep me company for a few days. We have been friends since we were 8 years old. I’m excited to have him down here.

Instead of flowers yesterday, I came home to a ½ pound chocolate bar in the fridge. Tim has never bought me flowers, but that’s because he knows I’d rather have chocolate any day.

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EGP said...

Couple of thoughts....smarty pants;). Many fields that seem to not be scientific require analytic minds. Did you know that when they try courses about women's rights and workplace discrimnation that frequently statistical tests are used to ascertain a by certain level of confidence that women were routinely passed over promotion?

Anyway, it was nice spending time with you and SR last week. The new apartment sounds great and you can look forward to me darkening your door up north.