Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Looking Good

Well, things are turning around for the Sarah-Tim-Roscoe family.

1) We have our new apartment waiting for us in Minneapolis
2) Tim was accepted to Metro State University
3) We have the moving truck rented
4) We both gave our notice for our jobs (but Tim’s done already)
5) Tim was offered a good paying job at Dain Rauscher starting August 1st
6) Patina called me today and asked if I want to come back and work part time (best job ever, btw). They offered me more pay and a better discount than I had when I left.
7) Roscoe’s birthday is on Thursday. He will be 1 year old.

18 more days of work for me. Tim will be moving back to Mpls next weekend, I still have 3.5 weeks in Chicago. Roscoe has discovered that he can sit on the window ledge and stare all day. Yup, things are falling into place.

1 comment:

rae said...


i am excited! you are going to be back here soon! i'm a loser friend and haven't called you, even though i have been meaning to.

also, dude, bike accidents = no good. i will have to show you my excuse for elbows. and i still have a bruise on my shin. and that shit was three months ago now. i still can't believe i didn't break anything.

okay, good luck with work and moving and packing. also, i think you are going to miss a going-away thing for amy wherein a-k, amy, and i venture to the townhouse.