Monday, July 10, 2006

Sarah’s Top Six Flags Coasters, In Order

11) Iron Wolf
10) Whizzer
9) Demon
8) Batman
7) Déjà vu
6) Superman
5) Vertical Velocity (V2)
4) American Eagle, red car
3) American Eagle, blue car
2) Viper
1) Raging Bull

Do not, for the love of God, go on Iron Wolf. It’s a stand up coaster, but you don’t even notice how awesome that is because your head is banging against the harness so badly you feel that giant needles are piercing through your ears.

I got a budger/line cutter kicked out of the park. The four kids just said excuse me and skipped the line from the end all the way to the front. I told the guy selling cotton candy, but he didn’t do anything. Then we told Andy who was picking up trash around the coaster and he went to a phone and got those hoodlums kicked out. Suckas. Seriously, when I was a kid, cutting an entire big line never even crossed my mind. I wanted to go ask Wonder Woman if we could join the Justice League since we smacked down some serious justice.


Super Rookie said...

It was an awesome day.

I liked kicking out the budgers. They deserved it in my opinion. HAHAHAHA WE ARE AWESOME.

At first I thought you rankings were from the top down so when I saw 1 next to Iron Wolf I was confused. That might be because my head still hurts from that!

Anonymous said...


-the kids

Sarah said...

Oops, your right. That's what happens when you make a top 11 after a long day at Six Flags. It's all fixed and in order now.