Friday, August 11, 2006

Congratulations, You Made it into my Subconscious!

Last night I had this crazy moving anxiety dream.

Our new apartment had 3 bathrooms, but one bathroom was far better than the other two and was through a door at the end of the back hallway. It had a HUGE dropped tub, a urinal for the gentlemen (or the adventurous woman), a foot washing basin, and even a little tiny tub for babies. The room was this weird patina color.

That bathroom I claimed as mine. Mine, mine, mine!!! Because I can do that sort of thing when there are three bathrooms for two people and I’m the lady of the house.

Every time I went into it, I got this strange eerie feeling, like I was being watched. I would see weird lights and shadows out of the corner of my eye. (In real life, this was how I felt in the hallways of my previous apartment building.)

We were having a party (yes, you were there) and I went into my special private bathroom because when I drink I pee about every 5 minutes. I’m bad company really. When I was standing in front of the mirror, I got that feeling again and the shower turned on!

I ran out and whispered this to Tim, because I didn’t want everyone (including you) to think I was crazy. In true Super Rookie fashion, he blurted out that it was nothing and then everyone had to go look at the shower running. Still thought I was crazy.

I went online and googled our address and sure enough, a man murdered his girlfriend/wife/significant other in that bathroom sometime in the 1970s!

Who’s crazy now?!

This is what I learned from this dream:

1) My moving anxiety has branched into my subconscious
2) I have to watch out for being stabbed in my bathroom
3) You suck and lack trust in me.


Tuffy said...

Wait...I'm confused. Was the Googling part of the dream or did that take place during waking hours? Help clarify.

Sarah said...

No, that was during the dream. Thank god.