Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Gilmour Girl

After working 13.5 hours yesterday and all day today, I was prepared to veg out on the couch all night until I fell asleep and Tim came home from the track and nagged me until I got off the couch so he could play video games.

While falling asleep making dinner, I got a call from Chuck over at Behind Bars saying that my Gilmour was ready for pick-up. I have been sans this little love of my life for about a week now and after lugging around my Jamis all week was for sure ready to get my little one-speed back.

(For those who don't now, my Gilmour is a 44" track pursuit bike with arrow bars, tiny front wheel, and a coaster break.)

I finished chowing down my food, jumped in the nanny-mobile and went to pick it up. I got a shorter stem so it’s totally pursuit now. I got super hot red bar tape with a classy yellow “accent,” and a much cleaner hub to make the coaster break stop on a dime.

Chuck is a great guy. Besides running a terrific shop and being a great mechanic, he's really good at explaining things without talking down to you. That's a quality I admire and appreciate beyond anything.

I brought the bike home and gave it a good cleaning. I haven’t cleaned it for a while and have had a few embarrassing “mechanicals” because of it. But life in the dirty city for the last year has made it difficult to keep my bike clean for long and after a while I got jaded and gave up trying to keep it clean.

After scrubbing it down I decided to take it for a little spin. I rode about 4 miles around town, running a few errands and reuniting with my Gilmour.

I’d include a picture of my bike, but I’m tired. You can see it if you come to Tim’s race Friday night. Check out for more info.

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