Thursday, August 03, 2006

I could not sleep last night. We had a huge storm in Chicagoland, which cooled everything down quite a bit. Lightening struck a big old tree and split it down the middle on the corner of my block.

Usually storms put me right to sleep. Maybe it was the combination of the rain and being alone that kept me up.

I wasn’t alone for long. When I finally started drifting to sleep, I felt something fall on my face followed by a little kitty head butt. I picked the hair binder off of my face and threw it. Again, as I started falling asleep, plop. Right on my cheek, and then a little kitty head butt. This only happened a few more times before I threw the binder underneath the chair where he couldn’t get to it.

Then I heard a rattling noise and felt a heavier fuzzier presence on my face: Roscoe’s Meow Mix rattling octopus. I just left it there and soon enough fell asleep cuddling Roscoe cuddling the octopus.

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Dutch said...

Can't wait until you are back up here too. Let's have drinks.