Monday, August 28, 2006

Minnesota has f@$king hills!

I went on a ride yesterday for the first time in over a month (thanks to a combo of living in Chicago where I never wanted to ride and the busyness of the move. Otherwise, no excuses). I noticed three things:

1) Riding again after a month hurts a lot.
2) 20 miles in Minnesota feels like 40 miles in Illinois.
3) The new Guthrie is an eye-sore.

Either way, riding in Minnesota is so much better and more beautiful. You can ride for miles without stoplights and the scenery is wonderful.

I’m thinking of starting to run. Thing is, I HATE running. I know hate is a strong word, but that’s why I’m using it. I hate running. I hate the way it feels, I hate the way it looks, (I feel fat enough in spandex when I ride my bike, I can’t imagine how I look when I run). But I want to like running. I’ve always wanted to like running. Maybe I just give up too quickly. I know that I have to do it to like it, but that means actually doing it.

Any ideas or pointers to doing it and liking it?


Sascha said...

I've got a few on the running. Hook up with some other beginners so that you guys have something in common. The Running Room in uptown offers all kinds of clinics including a "learn to run" which works towards completing a 5k run. They also offer women-only clinics in case you are sensitive about having boys around. The size range in my half marathon clinic last year was size 2 through size 14--I'm not lying. So you'll really meet all types doing something like that.

Other things to think about are these:

1. don't overdo it. All new runners think they should be hammering their bodies or they aren't getting a workout. This is very wrong and can result in injuries and discouragement early on.

2. Walk a lot in the beginning. It's ok to run a minute and walk a few. Your body is going to be shocked and dismayed by this crazy traumatic thing you're making it do. Break it in gently.

3. Run at a conversational pace. this doesn't mean gasping out a sentence from time to time. It means chatty. If this drops you to more of a trudge than a run, well, it does me too and I've been doing this for a couple of years now.

4. Check out the Hal Higdon Beginner's 5k running program. It'll give you an idea of what to do for your running. It's just an example.

5. Never fear to ask questions.

Sascha said...

Oh and I hate the Guthrie too. I was running on the river earlier this summer before it opened and thought it was a warehouse, no lie!