Monday, August 21, 2006


I lost my stolen internet connection, and I no longer have a job where I can sit on the internet all day. In fact, I can’t go on the internet at all. Hence the lack of blogging.

Last summer I nannied for this great family who let me use one of their cars all summer as if it was my own. I called this 1991 Toyota Corolla station wagon the nanny-mobile.

I have never had a car of my own. I never really felt a car was necessary. So in a way the nanny-mobile was my first car.

Well, the nanny-mobile is back! The woman I nannied for last summer asked me if I wanted to use her car again this summer since it was just sitting in her garage.

Man I love that car! I bought more groceries than my bike could ever hold, made a good sized Target run and even drove Tim to work when he was running late.

Don’t get me wrong, I ride my bike a lot too! But it sure is nice to be reunited with the nanny-mobile!

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super rookie said...

the nannie mobile does indeed rock.