Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I have been a blogging slacker. That is because I have been the anti-slacker in the non- computerized aspect of my life. Actually, this is the first time I’ve been on the computer since Friday other than to check my email quick or look at bus schedules. The few hours I haven’t been at work or unpacking, I’ve been sleeping.

The move went really well thanks to a lot of help from GopherJ, SuperFriend Matt, Sascha, Badass Minivan, and my family. The move went well no thanks to (dis)pencer.

My brother Andy, sister Carrie, and Tim came down to Chicago on Friday night and we met up with the Courteous Fellow for some China Town action. Yummy.

Thanks to me and my awesomeness everything was packed and only the bathroom and the floors needed to be cleaned.

On Saturday we packed the truck with the help of GopherJ and Matt. We were on the road by noon thirty.

We got in Saturday night, went to my mom’s to see her, visit, and eat pizza. Tim, Roscoe and I drove to the new apartment to spend the night and get ready for the big move-in day on Saturday.

Roscoe did very well for his first car ride, much less for the longest car ride in kitty time. If one year = 7 kitty years, how long is 8 hours in kitty time?

Roscoe either laid on the floor or on my lap. He didn’t start to misbehave until we left my mom’s house. He even met his cousin Smash Face.I think that’s what made him cranky.

Sunday my family, Sascha, and Badass Minivan all came out to help unload the truck, despite the rain. (dis)pencer claims he locked his keys in the car, but conveniently was able to meet us for lunch after the move. Hmmm.

So we’re all moved in, but still in boxes. It will get done sooner or later. We have the bed up and the clothes unpacked, so we’re good. I’m not worried. So not worried that I am going to take a nap.


Sascha said...

Glad I could help. Looking forward to seeing you at one of the September rides. Birchwood hosts an open women's ride on the first Tuesday of the month and the Wheelmen host an open women's ride on the second Thursday of every month. No excuse woman!

super rookie said...


Carrie P. said...

MY KITTY IS SOOOOO CUTE!!! Too bad cousin Roscoe didn't like him. =[