Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Thank you Chicago, I can Ride.

I have officially been back in Minneapolis 4 days now. I think the biggest thing for me so far, besides unpacking and starting a new job, is riding my bike.

One of the best things Chicago ever did for me was teach me how to ride both defensively and offensively. Sure I saw death in pavement more times than I could count, mostly due to Chicagoan’s “I don’t give a crap about you” driving attitude, but it taught me how to ride.

Riding these last few days has been comical for me because streets that I hated on riding before, either because of too many cars or because the road was too torn up, are a breeze after riding Chicago streets.

For example, I used to HATE riding down 18th Avenue NE because I thought the road was in super poor condition. HA! After riding the potholes of Milwaukee Ave in Chicago around Logan Square (the streets get better the closer you get to the nicer neighborhoods, naturally) I just laugh riding down 18th to work.

Just another reason why I love Minneapolis.

And I said something nice about my experiences in Chicago too.


gopherj said...

Thanks for the nice words!

We try our best down here.

Margaret of MargaretAndJeff said...

What is your new job, Sarah?

Glad to hear you're loving Minneapolis so much.