Friday, August 25, 2006


Man oh man. I’ve been busy: two jobs, catching up with people, hanging with family, dealing with the movers for the heavy stuff, the cable guy, etc. etc.

Not being a morning person or a coffee drinker, and having to be pretty and at work by 8 am has also turned me into an old lady going to bed super duper early.

However, I have still found some time for arts and crafts projects. Last weekend I made a sweet new fanny pack. I’m sick of always having to bring my bag everywhere when I ride my bike, and the constant shoulder pressure adds up after awhile. I also like having my belongings on my person instead of in a saddlebag, so fanny pack it was. I found an awesome canvas make-up bag at Patina, bought some belting and an adjustable clip thingy and away I went!

One of the many exciting things about my new place are the clothes lines out back. Naturally, I had to make a clothes pin bag! The straps had to be the perfect length to comfortably reach my arm in, and not too deep but with a wide opening for easy accessibility. Here is the result:
New late this season, Sarah is sporting a Pitcher original clothes pin bag!

Complete with clothes pins!
Fashionable? Oh yeah.

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Lunatic Biker said...

Very fashionable and functional too