Wednesday, September 06, 2006

And I ran, I ran so far away... (not really)

I've been talking about it for a month and I finally did it! I went running! Well, it was really more of a jog/walk, but running sounds so much better.

I bought an arm band for my I-pod two weeks ago in preparation.

I went 1.8 miles, out of which 1.2 was actually running. I thought it would be more half walking and half running, but gmap pedometer showed me wrong. I kept remembering Sascha's advice of "it's ok to walk."

I didn't even hate it as bad as I thought I would, and I hope to be able to run two miles before my birthday (16 more days but I'm not counting) and then work on speed. I know that's not very far but I haven't run since the mile in 10th grade. That's when I told my gym teacher that my hips weren't made for running but for making babies. I hope to prove myself wrong on both accounts.

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