Sunday, September 24, 2006


The week before my birthday is a special week for me because it is the anniversary of the beginning of Tim and my relationship. We started talking (although this didn’t help me to like him), dating, and on my birthday became a couple. This is why I am a fan of the birthday week, because for me it is also an anniversary week.

The plans for my birthday on Friday were supposed to be as follows: After work Tim and I had reservations for Erté (which was delicious) and then we were going to go to Dusty’s for a few drinks and call it a night. So after work I came home, took a nap, and got all pretty for our night out. We get to the restaurant and the greeter takes a lot of time looking over our reservation for some reason. Hmmm.

We sit down, order a bottle of wine, appetizers, dinner, (I even spilled my water!) and all of a sudden a giant brownie sundae comes out with a candle. Tim said that when he made the reservations he asked for a brownie sundae for my birthday and it said that next to our reservation. How clueless am I? The surprises continue….

We finish our great meal and head over to Dusty’s. For those who don’t know, Dusty’s is our hangout, our watering hole if you will. We usually spend our Friday nights at Dusty’s. We walk in the bar and Tim says, “Let’s sit at the bar.” We never sit at the bar, we always sit at the back table unless the place is empty and we want to chat with our favorite bartender Dawn. I said, “Why the bar, we always sit at the back table and the back table is empty?” Tim insisted we sit at the bar, and even though there were plenty of seats open, he insisted that I sit next to this other person at the bar. Hmmm….

It was then that I noticed that that person was my brother! He had surprised me at Dusty’s. But Andy wasn’t the only one. Little by little my friends started to trickle. Tim went through my phone and called my friends to come out to Dusty’s and celebrate my birthday. Sarah’s Birthday Bash 2006 happened after all. Tim’s the best.

He also got me more presents than I could ever imagine. A print of Tom Boonen in the World Champ jersey at Paris-Roubaix, a pink Giro polo shirt, massage sessions with The Other TH, clipless pedals and shoes. Sweet.

I also left with #99 Carl Edwards NASCAR coasters from who else but (dis)pencer and Katrina.

Saturday morning I visited my mom, sister and brother and had some yummy birthday cake, got great gifts, and had a good time.

I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday, a better boyfriend, a better family or better friends. Thank you all.

And to answer a much asked question: Yes I am old enough to drink. I am 24.

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