Friday, September 15, 2006

Why I wear a helmet

Tim’s been pretty full of himself since his interviews on Fox 9 news and SmithersMPLS. Somehow a good portion of Smithers’ interview ended up relating to me. Now, I’m not one to whine about getting attention, but I do have to clear a few things up.

1) I am not 7 months pregnant, nor am I pregnant at all.
2) Tim and I are not getting married in 3 months. We are not even engaged.
3) I am indeed “fucking shit up,” but in a good way.

Tim’s Fox 9 interview related to recent study that argues that cars pass up to 3 inches closer to cyclists wearing helmets than those who are not because cars perceive those wearing helmets as safer and more experienced. I think that cars pass too close whether I am wearing a helmet or not. They also made the statement that cars pass closer to men than women. As a woman, I completely disagree.

While still in Chicago, I wrote a blog about why I wear a helmet that I never published. I think now is the time to bust it out.

Why I Wear a Helmet by Sarah

Sometimes I feel self-conscious about wearing a helmet because it doesn’t make me look cool. Othertimes I think my sweet helmet makes me look super cool. Either way, I know that my bike is the hottest one out there and I am way more awesome than any poser on a fixed gear that never intends to race the track (you can hate on that in my comments section, and then I’ll feel cool because I know you read my blog).

Either way, I wear my helmet 99.9% of the time because

1) I seem to crash that 0.1% of the time I don’t wear a helmet
2) I like the way it makes my hair flip out underneath
3) I like my helmet. It’s comfortable and is a pretty sweet looking helmet as far as helmets go. Not as hot as my old white Laser with the orange flowers, but still pretty hot.
4) If I’m going to crash or get hit, I’d rather be safe then sorry.

And last but most important

5) It makes me ride more confidently and thus a lot harder and safer. While I am always careful, I’m not as paranoid when I wear my helmet. I know that helmets are not 100% fool proof, that I could still get seriously injured or die while wearing one. When I feel more confident I ride more safe.

I don’t care if I look like a dork or not. Wearing a helmet makes sense to me.

Back to the study.

So you’re not wearing a helmet and because of it cars are riding further from you. That does not mean that a car is not going to take a left turn into you (which is probably the most common way bikes get hit), hit the breaks in front of you, not see you at all and plow into you, etc. etc.

Like I said, I’d rather be safe than sorry.


Skibby said...

You are a lot smarter than Super-Dorky, I always wear a helmet also...

Sascha said...

word girlfriend! I feel naked without mine. Although I've found that starting this discussion on the blog is an exercise in obnoxious futility because talking about it is talking about religion. People who do it believe, people who don't, don't and neither side is interested in having their mind changed.

Skibby said...


Gilby said...

Happy birthday, and keep on wearing helmets in the free world!

Jim said...

I guess, to be honest, I hate wearing a helmet, though I usually do so.


Kiecker said...

Happy belated Sarah!