Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I hate grocery shopping. If I was ever going to go crazy and shoot up a place, it would be a grocery store. I always get stuck behind someone who parks their cart in the middle of the aisle and wanders off. I can never reach the top shelf. There’s always that one ingredient from a recipe that I can’t find and no one else knows where it is. Groceries are expensive and I have a Tim to feed. I hate it.

I sucked it up and went grocery shopping on Monday night. I made my list and stuck to it, but it still ended up taking me two hours in that hell hole. I bought my groceries, got home, carried them up the flight of stairs, unpacked them, got ready to make Tuesday’s lunch, and hmmm…. Where is my yogurt? Where is my deli meat? Where are the eight items I bought and aren’t in my home?

I called furious. I was already cranky from grocery shopping and then they forget to pack them into my cart after bagging them. The man on the phone was very understanding, logged my missing items, and told me, “This is happening more and more lately.” Ya know why? Because people aren’t bagging their own groceries anymore! Instead there’s this 14 year old girl singing and dancing and not paying attention! He assured me that I could come back on Tuesday or Wednesday and get my groceries.

So not only did I have to go grocery shopping once, but twice in two days for groceries that I should have gotten the first time!

When I got back to the store they were again very polite and understanding, told me to grab a cart and find what I never got. No problems except the inconvenience of having to do it all over again.

While I’m happy I didn’t have to put up a fight to get my food, I still hate grocery shopping, and now I have another reason.


Anonymous said...


Although, that wouldn't make as interesting a blog.

We are still wearing shorts and swimming in Chicago!

Sarah said...

We did Peapod in Chicago because of the lack of car, but man that's expensive!