Sunday, October 22, 2006

I am trying not to be a hermit, which means that I am trying to get out and do things, even when I don’t feel like it. It’s not even that I don’t feel like it, but I just have to be motivated enough to get off the couch after a stressful day at work and be proactive enough to make plans with someone and follow through. So I’ve made it a goal of mine to do so.

Here is an incomprehensive list of what I have done this past week:

Sunday: Went to Boom Island for the cycle cross race and meet up with Rachel. It was a beautiful day to spend outside! After we went to Psycho Suzi’s and of course had great food but terrible service.

Monday: Worked

Wednesday: Tim and I went to the YMCA downtown and took a little tour and signed up for a membership. It’s a pretty sweet Y. It’s huge and really high quality. It blows away the Ys we went to in Chicago, even though there aren’t personal tvs on the cardio machines.

Thursday: Worked, i.e. missed Grey’s Anatomy!

Friday: Went to the Y after work, came home and had “Sarah Night” (hot bath and movies) while Tim went out with the boys.

Saturday: Woke up early and went to a Yoga class (ouch!) and met up with The Little Guy and friend Andy for the Gophers vs. Bison game. I hate football, but the most interesting thing was the over 20,000 North Dakota Bison fans in attendance. Even though ND is ranked lower than the Gophers, they completely outplayed us, but lost by one point. They should have won because they were better, but really I don’t care.

Sunday: Got a haircut, met Rachel and Corin at Powderhorn Park for yet another cycle cross race. Froze my butt off and then met A-K for a tasty dinner. After I got home and warmed up, I begrudgingly went grocery shopping, making sure that all of my groceries got into the cart after check out!

So I haven’t been a hermit, but actually pretty busy. I start my new job tomorrow and am excited. While I will no longer talk about work on my blog, I will still keep you updated!


Anonymous said...

You dead pool needs some spicing up!!!

Carrie P. said...

What happened to Tuesday?

Sarah said...

Tuesday was boring. Or I just can't remember.