Thursday, October 26, 2006

Tim and I went to Tom Hagerty’s dome home last night for some good ol’ fashioned massage therapy.

Tim went first and Tom and I listened as the health history skeletons came out of Tim’s closet. HA!

For serious though, Tom gives a great massage. He can really tell what’s up with your body and works to work it out.

I recommend you check Body of Knowledge out for yourself.

Unlike Tim I am less the talkative type when it comes to massage and more the self-reflective type. While on the table, I started thinking about the movie Amelie. You know the part in the beginning when she goes thorough the characters and gives a snapshot of who they are? So and so is this, likes this, hates that. I thought about what I would say about people. For example:

Roscoe is a black one year old cat. He weights 12.5 pounds but carries it well. He likes wet food but throws it up. He also likes my cashmere sweater, cat nip, and cuddling. Roscoe hates dogs and the mailman and is afraid of not being fed.

It’s a fun game, but it’s hard to wrap up people that you know well in so many words, especially yourself. I never came to a conclusion about how Amelie would describe me….

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