Friday, October 13, 2006

Working for the Man

So this past week, I have accepted a job working for the man. While I thought I would have to reflect more on the morality of working in the financial industry I found that it wasn’t a hard decision at all.

I began working temporarily at an investment firm downtown as an assistant to a team of brokers whose assistant was on maternity leave. My plan was to put in my 5 weeks while looking for a non-profit job. I never guessed that I would want to find a more permanent home there. I went into the financial industry with little to no understanding of the industry. Within days I learned more than I could possibly imagine and was positively challenged in way I have never been challenged before. I am always on my toes and never bored.

While I felt completely out of my element when I began there (I'm a Women's Studies major!), I have become more comfortable with the financial industry and am slowly making it my element. I am constantly learning and building on my understanding of the financial industry. Because it is not my background, I am constantly challenged to learn new things and am always on my toes. I enjoy forming relationships with clients and helping them manage their money effectively, whether by discussing their accounts with them or through administrative tasks. I also enjoy working closely with the brokers and forming a close working relationship with them.

This is not to say there is not a lot to criticize, as there is a lot to criticize about everything. For me, deconstructing the economy and how business works in “our” society is part of the fun. It makes me more engaged with the work. I am also a firm believer that 99% of people with a job are somehow in someway working for the man. Some people just work a little closer.

So I was offered a job last week as a client associate with a very successful and impressive team of brokers that I will learn a lot from and grow a lot with (not bad for only being in the industry as a temp for less than 5 weeks). I will continue to learn and be challenged and will soon become even more of a hermit as I study for my Series 7 exam.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the industry!

It is fun, and challenging, but you can make a positive difference in people's life too.

AdamB said...

Just don't let them try to make you pay for your tests and licensing crap. That is a total ripoff (eg Ameriprise).

Sounds like you'll have fun, though!

Maria said...

You have enough time free while working the night shift and you can find anyone on the internet. Fancy meeting you here. Nice to hear you are doing well and are happy.-Maria(From girl scouts)

Donimator said...

This is good, becuase I don't think Super Rookie's corporate cube job will cut the cheese for the both of you.