Thursday, November 16, 2006

Why I Like Pink, Part 1

Q: What’s with you and pink?

Feminist Rant: It stems from my attempt to reclaim and reinvent the feminine that I think was lost in the early feminist movements. The common idea of the mainstream feminists of the 60s fought for equality between men and women. In short, women are equal to men. This is great in terms of the workplace, civil liberties, sexual rights, etc., but this began to translate into women are the same as men, which I disagree with. It ignores what makes women different from men.

I don’t care to get into whether differences are nature or nurture, and the vast grey area of what constitutes as “man” and “woman” and everyone in between.

What I do care to get into is that this idea of sameness began to erase the feminine. After all, men didn’t start to embrace the feminine because feminizing oneself demoralizes oneself (men are higher than women on the social totem pole), which is what started the feminist movement in the first place. So women began to disregard the feminine, including pink. I advocate for a reclamation and reinvention of the traditional feminine to recognize what makes women unique and different.

Besides, I like the color.

*Note* This is a blog post, not a thesis. Therefore many assumptions and generalizations have been made and historical facts ignored. Please just assume that I recognized them and don’t get caught up in all the loopholes and anti-nitpicking. Maybe I’ll get more into it as things move along….


Anonymous said...

I like orange...

...we should be myspace friends.

Tuffy said...

Ha! This is your funniest post yet!

StevenCX said...

So what do you think about men rocking the pink?