Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Bad Blogger

I realize I haven't blogged in a long time. I am sorry. Here are my excuses:

1) I work for the man during the day, and retail at night. As if my day job isn't exhausting enough, retail during the holiday season is kicking my ass.

2) I'm getting over being sick and without any rest (see #1)

3) It's the holiday season

4) Family is in from out of town

5) Did I mention I work two jobs?

6) When I'm not working, I am sleeping

So give me a break.

For those who care, a quick run down of the weekend's events:

  • Work holiday party at The Wayzata Country Club. Got the nanny-mobile valeted. Drank top shelf alcohol at no cost, drank too much for a work party (make of that what you will), and played a terrible game of Texas Hold 'em.
  • Had to return the nanny-mobile
  • Rode clipless outside for the first time. I haven't fallen yet. That's because I am a natural.
  • Went to Como Park High School's dinner theatre
  • Watched Cinderella at Como Park High School
  • Went to a super crappy well lit bar, made fun of the rest of the customers, gave the evil eye to the ass hole bartenders, and watched karaoke.
  • Worked
  • Had dinner with the fam
  • Baked cookies for my work's cookie exchange
It is past my bedtime. Good night.


Anonymous said...

You saw the dinner theater?! Did you see the really cool murals?

Super Rookie said...

some of the best murals around!

Anonymous said...

Hey, you didn't tell is whether Tim embarassed you at the party! Or maybe you did??

Anonymous said...

Thanks for having us over for tacos!