Wednesday, January 10, 2007

First Day Clipless

One month ago, I got clipless pedals. The first thing that everyone told me was that I was going to fall and I should just be prepared for that. I have no issues with falling. If I was afraid of falling, I wouldn’t ride. But I haven’t fallen yet, so booya.


Sascha said...

I've been riding clipless since 2001 and haven't fallen once because of my pedals. I've crashed in an echelon and once because a dumbass pedestrian ran out in front me while I was going 20 mph. But never because of the pedals.

You'll be just fine!

Eclectchick said...

Oh, brilliant. I think you just jinxed yourself. ;-)

Just kidding! Hope not - have fun!

Graham said...

Once you go clipless you'll never go back ;-)