Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Go Gophers

I just realized how boring my last post was. Sorry. I guess I was just really excited about my tea maker and thought everyone else would care.

I'm going to the Gophers vs. Iowa basketball game tonight. Like my tea maker, I am also very excited about that. But I wont bore you with all the details. I hear Spencer Tollackson will be back in after his injury. I think I'm the only one not excited about this. You think a guy that's 6'9" would be able to rebound and/or make a free throw. The last game I was at, I think he missed something like 7 out of 9 free throws. Seriously. He doesn't seem to care or try. Jamal Abu-Shamala and Lamar Wilson are where it's at.


Lunatic Biker said...

Actually, I was pretty stoked about the tea maker. If I was 6'9" I'd be a shot blockin'-rim rattlin'-get that weak shit outa here- machine.

Jim said...

The only thing more boring than a borng post is a post about a boring post. :)