Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Gym Rant

My knee feels a lot better. I got pretty worried when Tim had to pull me out of the car because I couldn't move enough to get out. Ouch. I spent the weekend resting it and moving it as little as possible. And I have begun a more vigorous stretching routine and have been reaching personal bests at the running track at the Y all week.

I heard once that people actually have gym outfits. Coordinating, clean, tight fitting gym outfits. I didn't actually notice this until today.

If you wanna look hot at the gym, fine. More power to you. But if you actually succeed in looking hot at the gym, then you're not working hard enough.

On the same note, if you can read at the gym, you are not working hard enough.

I have two pairs of pants that I alternate between and I wear whatever tee shirt I pull out of the drawer first. And I work until I cry. That's how it's done.

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manda said...

I made the mistake of subscribing to Shape magazine... and they had a feature on what type of gym outfit to buy, if you have X body type. The outfits the featured were -not- cheap. (think as much as a bike racing kit. :P)

I'll stick with boxer shorts and wifebeaters, for my non-bike workout clothes. Though, I have been getting more yup in my old age, and have upgraded the boxer shorts (cotton 3 packs) to on sale Target workout shorts.