Saturday, March 31, 2007

Annoyed and Bored

I have pretty much resigned my weekend to watching the cats and making sure they don't kill each other. But all it has been since Thursday night is this: Diluca minds her own business, Roscoe approaches, DiLuca hisses, Roscoe hisses, they both growl for a while, Roscoe back off and finds a new angle to approach at. Over and over and over and over.....

Don't you think they'd get bored of this?I am. When will they start to compromise and say, "Ok, looks like we're stuck with each other so here's the deal...."

They've progressed a little bit. Roscoe just started barking at her and they've been taking swings. Nothing to be concerned about though.

The funniest thing is that since DiLuca is a kitten she gets distracted during their standoffs. She'll start playing with the blind cords or rolling around. It's pretty funny.

So this is pretty much my weekend.

Since I am so bored and annoyed, let me tell you the story of how DiLuca came into our home.

I was getting the word out that we were looking for a new kitten. One day my coworker S comes in and says that her friend B has a kitten she can't keep. Turns out that B's neighbors took in this kitten only weeks ago, but just finalized a divorce and moved to places where they couldn't keep DiLuca. So they left her there. B picked her up and took her in to find a good home for her. I'm not so sure Roscoe is making it a good home yet, but he will eventually.

B really couldn't keep her and wanted me to pick DiLuca up the same day I called to ask about her (B has two big dogs in a little apartment and DiLuca was stirring things up with them). Tim and my brother were going to the Wild game, so my sister Carrie and I went to meet little DiLuca. We fell in love with her right away and brought her home.

Roscoe took to her better than I expected. He pretty much left her alone to check out the new house. Then the back and forth started.

I've been keeping them separate when I've been gone or in bed, and Roscoe goes to bed with me. Tim came home from the game and realized that DiLuca was all by herself on the couch, so decided to sleep out there with her while Roscoe and I took the bed. Daddy's little girl already.

Then Tim left for Iowa to race this weekend and I'm stuck dealing with these two.

Come on over if you want to keep me company and help me keep my sanity. It looks like it's going to be awhile.


Sascha said...

I've had pixel for 15 years and my second cat for 8. I got the second cat because I thought Pixel needed a buddy. I cannot tell you how little she appreciated my solicitude. They eventually got to the point where they will cordially ignore each other although there is the occasional hissing match.

Eclectchick said...

Kitties mostly stick with the noisy standoffs, making a big show. They don't actually come to blows very often. It's quite amazing, really. When we see catbite abscesses in the clinic, the abscess is most often on the back, bum, rear leg, etc., cuz kitty got munched on when running off from a confrontation.