Friday, March 16, 2007

NCAA Day 2

  • Cavaliers beat Great Danes (I like dogs)
  • Running Rebels beat Yellow Jackets (What are they running from? Attack of the killer yellow jackets?)
  • Tigers beat Mean Green (Roar)
  • Badgers beat Islanders (Badgers are mean. They could wap you with their tails and they have big claws.)
  • Eagles beat Fighting Irish (St. Patty’s Day after all)
  • Volunteers beat 49ers (I didn’t want to pick a team called Volunteers. What the crap kind of a mascot is that? But Tim said it was the better pick and he was right)
  • Wildcats beat Blue Jays (They can fly, and I’m a little sick of every team named Wildcats)
  • Ducks beat Redhawks (don’t underestimate the power of ducks. They can dip underwater and get all slippery. They also migrate. You try to fly that far twice a year.)
I know, I know, I'm not doing too well. Who knew the wimpier mascots made better teams?


AdamB said...

The other night I watched Fresno St vs. Georgia in the NIT. Bulldogs vs. Bulldogs.

dave said...

Wimpy mascots?

The Badger is the fiercest land mammal (at least, in North America). That's why they're not called Goodgers.