Thursday, March 08, 2007

Energy Drinks

I went out with my friend Cole for drinks and Chinese food after work and running at the YMCA. A side effect to my complete exhaustion was brain death. We got to the bar and I thought, why not order a Red Bull/vodka to perk up a bit. Boy did it ever. But I couldn’t help but feel like a sorority girl ordering that. But what if it was a Monster/vodka? Or a Rock Star/Vodka? Would it then go from sorority girl drink to EXTREME!? After all, I am bmxing now.

When did extreme change from Mountain Dew to energy drinks?

The power of marketing I guess.

Red Bull makes me think of those silly “old looking” cartoon commercials (“Red Bull gives to wings!”) and Monster and Rock Star make me think of skate and snow boarding, Airwalks, boys with long shaggy hair, and bmx bikes. I know Red Bull as well as Monster sponsor these kinds of sports teams, but those are my connotations.

What are yours?

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AdamB said...

bmxing is totally extreeeeme.