Sunday, March 18, 2007

Everyone is Irish Day

Ouch. NCAA day 3 did nothing for me. I’m pretty much out unless Georgetown wins the whole thing.


I picked up Tim over at Tuffy’s to go to the St. Patrick’s Day parade in St. Paul. Tim had just gotten back from a ride with Tuffy and asked me to bring him some clothes and tennis shoes. I remembered the clothes, but not the shoes. This left him 2 choices: either wear his cycling shoes to the parade and walk uncomfortably like a penguin, or borrow a pair of Tuffy’s shoes.

Next to all of Tuffy’s nice tennis shoes lay a grubby pair that he must mow the lawn in. Those were the pair that he told Tim he could wear. He wasn't very happy with me.

Here is a series of pictures from the parade:

This is the pile of poo that a horse left that everyone seemed to walk right through. It was fun to watch the look on people's faces when they realized what they just stepped in.

Look, an Irish cow!

Douchebag vendor on rollerblades

These people are the reason I didn't go out drinking last night. Do you really have to dress likethat to celebrate St. Patrick's Day?

If you do feel the need to dress that like, it doesn't mean that your dog does.

The celebrity marshal Sven Sungaard (obviously not Irish). You may know him as the heartthrob weather man on Kare 11.

Al Franken shook my hand but not Tim's. He was jealous. What a sucker.


Later that night we celebrated Tim’s mom’s birthday. Last Sunday Tim’s dad made reservations at La Grolla in St. Paul and we were all pumped to have a fancy meal with the family. We pulled up to La Grolla a little before our 6:30 reservation time and told the hostess we were there. 7:00 rolls around and we were still waiting for our table in a really uncomfortable entryway. We told them we were leaving and headed over to The Sample Room in NE Minneapolis. We were seated in reasonable time and had a blast. The food was good and well priced, the atmosphere was fun, the bathroom was cute, the dessert and drinks were amazing. You better believe that Tim and I will be back there for a date night.

We were glad to give our business and big bill to a place that appreciates it rather than La Grolla.

The kicker is that the incident at La Grolla was not isolated. This happened once before to Tim’s mom.

We didn’t go out partying after the birthday celebration as to avoid all of the frat boy crowds and over priced beer. Tim and I just hung out at home and watched Saturday Night Live and called it a night. A great St. Patty's Day.


Tuffy said...

Good call, HotPinkEvil -- those are the shoes I mow the lawn in.

And the reason I did not borrow SR one of my posh designer pairs of trainers was validated because I have yet to receive my trashy trainers back...

Lunatic Biker said...

Very sad...I would've lent him any of my shoes including my Johnson and Murphy wing tips.

Super Rookie said...

worst shoes ever!

Eclectchick said...

Anyone who does that to their dog, cat, etc., should be dyed green themselves. Ugh!