Friday, March 16, 2007

  • Hokie Bird beat Allini (How many teams need to be named Allini? Wildcats anyone?)
  • Jay Hawks beat Purple Eagles (Only Prince is badass in purple)
  • Boilermakers beat Wildcats (Boilermakers are strong. Slinging coal in 150 degree temps, breathing in the smoke and dust, black faces. They could kill a wildcat with their bare hands)
  • Longhorns beat Aggies (It’s the running on the bulls! If they were playing a team called Cowboys, I would have had to reconsider)
  • Wildcats beat Wildcats (who cares)
  • Saluki beat Crusaders (kick ass dog)
  • Gators beat Tigers (chomp)
  • Trojans beat Razorbacks (Trojan Man!)

I got all of the evening games right! Go me! Fierce mascots rule!

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Eclectchick said...

I don't speak the language of this post. But I DO speak sighthound. Love the lovely Saluki pic. :-)