Sunday, March 11, 2007


Like any little boy, Roscoe acts up to get my attention. Like a good mommy, I put him in time out, which means he gets shut up in the bathroom until he can calm down.

Tonight he got a total attitude with me, so time out it was. I left him in the bathroom for about a half hour. I opened the door and Roscoe pranced out, looked at me and said “meow.” How cocky is that?!

As I opened up the door further, I understood why. He had completely destroyed the bathroom. It was like a hotel room after a rock and roll orgy. Towels and wash cloths everywhere, a whole roll of toilet paper unrolled and strung around the room, toothpaste out of its tube, toiletries scattered all over the floor, and worst of all the smelliest turd ever in his litter box.

He sure showed me.

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StevenCX said...

Five points for Roscoe! That's hilarious! I've already accepted that Taz and Nermal rule the roost - just go with it!