Monday, March 19, 2007

Wannabe Cyclist Training Day 1

Biking became a lot less fun when I decided this winter that I didn’t want to do it just for fun, but was willing to put in the effort to try and eventually be decent at it.

I didn’t spend a whole lot of time on the bike this winter. I went to spin class fairly regularly but that was about it. I did start running, so it wasn’t like I’ve been sitting on my butt until now, but it’s not the same.

Yesterday I sat down with some fellow Velo Bellas and we went through time management, riding and racing calendars. I knew that this meeting would give me the motivation and concrete goals that I needed to get started.

This means at least 10 hours per week on my bike.

Today is Day 1.

Staring out the window at work I kept getting more and more excited about my early evening ride with Tim. It was so sunny out! I kept looking up the temperature online and 45 degrees sounded perfect! But once I stepped outside to go home I nearly blew away! It was so windy! My window view was deceiving!

I was heartbroken. I was so psyched to get out on my Day 1 ride with Tim and he told me what I didn’t want to hear: it wasn’t worth it. I was defiant, I was going to go anyway, but he knew better. I’d be miserable.

He suggested that I ride the trainer instead. I HATE THE TRAINER, but I made a commitment to myself to ride and that was better than nothing. I got on the trainer, bumped the jams, and stared at a blank wall for an hour and a half at LGR HQ. I decided that was enough for the first “serious” day. I couldn’t stare at the wall anymore.

Only 8.5 more hours to go!


AdamB said...

Damn! An hour and a half is pretty hardcore for a trainer session!

Nick S said...

I had a very similar ride with superrookie the day after you...cooincidence?