Sunday, March 25, 2007

Warm Weather Weekend! Family Addition?

I've found it had to keep up with my blogging goals with it being so warm outside! Summer is around the corner for sure, which makes my fitness goals a lot more obtainable.

Tim and I are on a mission to find the perfect Thai restaurant in the cities. In Chicago we lived down the street from the best Thai food ever, I think we probably paid their rent we went there so much. Nothing we've found in the cities has matched. We stopped in at some little place in St. Paul on Friday, it was good but still not what I'm looking for.

Yesterday I hung out with Velo Bellas for a race clinic and a short ride. Ton of fun. After a shower and Roscoe time, Tim and I took off for Ikea and the Mall of America. Surprisingly both were Tim's idea.

We've got this awesome covered deck in the back of our apartment and we went to find some patio furniture. We got a pretty decent set and are excited to have people over this summer to hang out and have drinks.

There was some anime convention at the hotel across the street from the MOA and they were all in costume walking around the mall. Best people watching ever.

Afterwards we went to Grumpy's downtown for a little birthday gathering, drinks, and of course tater tots.


Tim and I have started discussing adding on to our little family. Yup, that's right! We're looking for a new kitten! Roscoe is a very needy cat and needs a little buddy, so we've decided to find him a little brother to kick around. If you know of any kittens, let me know. We're looking for a male kitten with claws. Preferably neutered and preferably not a black cat (already got one of those!).

We're trying to find the perfect kitten not just for us, but for Roscoe. He'll have a hard time adjusting, but it will be the best thing for him in the end. I'm anticipating about a week or two long of identity crisis (as my mom says, "Roscoe thinks he's a people") and challenge to his alpha malehood.

Don't worry, there's no plan to add any little Super Rookies to the earth anytime soon.


StevenCX said...

That's great - every kitty needs a buddy. Keeps them more active, healthier and happier when there are no people around.

Sascha said...

Taste of Thailand in St. Paul at Selby and Snelling. Terrible service, awesome good food!

There are lots of abandoned kittens at the humane society and other similar shelters just looking for a little love. That's where I found my second cat.

kiecker said...

Agree with Taste of Thailand. I believe #38. You can get it with Tofu, Mock Duck, or Mock something else. It's good; like really I have to have it everytime I come back to MN no matter what is going on kind of good.

No complaints on service. Their sweet and sour is a bit different the most too.

Tuffy said...

While Taste of Thailand is ok, the service is terrible, and the atmosphere sucks.

You can start and stop your search at True Thai on Franklin in Seward. Absolutely authentic menu items and tremendously good.

Order anything, but start with the vegetarian spring rolls.

Jim said...

When is Roscoe going to get together with Penelope?

I Like Taste of Thailand but Tuffy's right: the atmosphere is drab and the service isn't the best. Which is why you should order take out and bring it over to my place a few blocks away.

Sarah said...

True Thai was Tim and my first date!